The Challenge brand exists to provide representation for Athletes and Fitness/Wellness Professionals. In 2016, our focus was on students and recent graduates. Since then, we have evolved and now support young professionals AND established professionals. Challenge facilitates growth and support through our communication and management strategies. 

Our Mission

Collegiate & Post-collegiate Athletes, this is your GRIND phase. We can support this phase of your athletic journey. We encourage you to continue training, trying out for teams, and staying focused on your end goal. This can be a difficult phase, because most post-collegiate athletes are still working part-time/full-time jobs AND training for combines, meets, or competitions. This is where CC & M is most needed, because that is far too much for an athlete to juggle. For athletes in this position, we offer sponsorships that can allow you to cut down on work hours, while we step in and help pay a portion of your athletic expenses (registration fees, equipment, etc). Having us represent you is also helpful when you begin to have conversations/negotiations with sport officials. 

Semi-professional Athletes, this is your MAINTAIN phase. We can enhance this phase of your athletic journey with some of our services. The pricing depends on the scheduling demands of your athletic career. This is a partnership. At this point in your career, you have likely been signed to a team and your main obligation is peak performance at practices/games. Some semi-pro athletes choose to do side projects still, if they are not making a lot of money with the team. We can help you with these side projects or other developmental projects you seek. This is also a great time for us to help you build your brand as an athlete and be recognized more in the industry. We can assist with media reels of your pre/post-game interviews, game highlights, and more. Then, it is up to you to decide if you are happy with the team you are on or if you want to keep scouting/networking with professional teams. We will assist you with either route you want to take. 

Professional Athletes, we can provide you with depth in this phase of your athletic journey. Our services will help you get to where you want to be, or grow roots where you are. Again, the pricing depends on the scheduling demand of your athletic career. This is a partnership. At this point of your athletic journey, "You've made it!" and it's time to GO OFF. It can be difficult to keep your place on the team, perform well at every game, and avoid being released. But, something else that is so important at this phase, is e n j o y i n g it! This is the best and sometimes final part of your journey. This is the part where you have finally arrived at your ultimate goal, start seeing the money, and start having fun. However, this is still a critical phase that requires a lot of discipline. We will help you remain focused and determined. However, during your time as a pro, we want to also make sure there is depth in your career, so you can have longevity. We can help you launch your own projects, host community events, start your own company, your own apparel, and furthermore. This way, even after your Pro career, you have brand recognition and/or residual income.